If I want to find the closing price of a stock for any week, past or present, what’s the best way to do that on the mobile app?

To find the closing price of a stock on your device, follow these steps.

1. Pull up the chart of the stock on your device.

2. Each dot shown has the closing price for that week along with the date.

3. Tap on the dot for the data.

4. The call box will pop up and show the date and closing price.

photo1 (3)

5. To see a closer view, rotate the phone for a full-screen shot of the chart.

photo2 (2)

The mobile device displays six months of historical data. If you want to look back further than what’s available on the mobile device, go to webapp.buyselliq.com.  We provide up to 10 years of historical data or as much as is available.


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